A Deep Dive into New Features and Capabilities

Setting the Stage for Intelligent Integration

Poly is a game-changer in application development and integration. With its recent GA (General Availability) release, the platform has taken a quantum leap forward, introducing several features that make it more robust, versatile, and developer-friendly. Our CEO, Darko Vukovic, recently shared these new capabilities, focusing on how they can revolutionize how you build and deploy applications.

Three Core Use Cases

Poly primarily serves three core use cases:

  1. Building Intelligent Integrated Applications: Poly simplifies connecting your application with various backend systems. It helps you discover and consume APIs and events effortlessly.
  2. Creating Custom Microservices: Poly allows you to build new derivative products, usually based on existing enterprise APIs. You can use Poly’s library to construct your logic and test it locally before deploying it.
  3. Enhanced AI Tooling: The new release offers specialized tooling for building AI agents, complete with a conversation history service that stores interactions between the user and the AI agent.

Behind the Scenes: What’s New?

IT Production Readiness

The GA release has focused extensively on making Poly IT production-ready. This includes features like self-service onboarding and many admin functionalities that work behind the scenes.

Webhooks and Triggers

One of the most exciting additions is the improvement around webhooks and triggers. Now, you can expose your custom microservice as a webhook to catch events from other systems. This feature is handy for creating event-driven architectures.

Custom Response Codes

Developers can now set custom HTTP response codes inside their custom functions. This feature helps return specific status codes based on the application’s logic.

Enhanced Security Functions

Poly now allows you to attach security functions to your webhooks. These functions act as a screening mechanism, validating requests based on custom logic before they reach your application or custom function.

Faster Deployment

The deployment of custom functions has become significantly faster, reducing the time-to-market for your applications.

The Developer Experience

Local Testing

One of the standout features is the ability to test your code locally. This means you can use all the tooling and extensions available for your IDE, ensuring a seamless development experience.

Documentation and Support

Poly provides extensive documentation for out-of-the-box functions, making it easier for developers to understand what each part does and how to use it.

Language Support

Poly is expanding its language support to include Java by the end of this year and Python early next year, making it more accessible to a broader range of developers.

The Future is Now

The GA release of Poly is not just an update; it’s a transformation that empowers developers to build more robust, scalable, and intelligent applications. With its new features, Poly is poised to redefine the application development and integration landscape. So, if you want to elevate your development game, now is the time to explore Poly’s latest offerings.

Elevate Your Development Game

The GA release of Poly is not just an incremental update; it’s a transformation. With its robust new features and capabilities, Poly is poised to redefine the application development and integration landscape. So, if you’re a developer looking to elevate your game, now is the time to dive into Poly’s latest offerings. Ready to find out more, signup and take a test drive!