Poly API for Hospitality

Transform your hospitality operations with Poly, the definitive platform for effortless API and Event discovery and utilization. Integrate next-gen technology seamlessly, impress your development teams, and unlock the capabilities of AI agents. Redefine the guest experience and operational efficiency in the hospitality industry with Poly.

Hospitality solutions to power your development

Integration and Automation
Create Microservices
AI-Powered Experiences

Connect your enterprise systems Oracle Opera Cloud, Salesforce, Oracle Symphony Cloud, Adyen, Sabre, Amadeus, and more… to accomplish operational efficiencies and offer a great guest experience.

Poly’s AI assistant is pre-trained on hotel systems, meaning you can focus your energy on core orchestration logic.

Poly generates a library in common programming languages, meaning your developers can build faster.

Poly is an extension to the top open-source technologies, allowing us to offer a better price and allowing you to source talent more easily.

Build new orchestration and microservices backends for your mobile application, web booking engine, loyalty system, and a wide array of other custom guest experiences and business operations.

Poly hosts custom functions as Lambda-like services, allowing runtime agility and rapid development.

Every custom function deployed to Poly becomes implicitly discoverable via the AI assistant, is added to the library, and becomes a new API endpoint.

Poly leverages Kubernetes and KNative for hosting custom functions, meaning your resource utilization will be state-of-the-art, saving you lots of money.

Create new AI-powered experiences within your mobile and web applications, and personalize your guest experience by exposing a multilingual chatbot powered by GPT 4 or by using it behind the scenes to select personalized availability, content, menus, and generate text.

AI optimized APIs: Poly allows for easy development and hosting of AI-specific custom functions.

Plugins: Poly generates ChatGPT plugins and allows for ChatGPT to use your APIs in real time.

Plugins: Poly exposes an API to allow for embedding your ChatGPT plugin into your own web and mobile apps, or into messaging channels like SMS or WhatsApp.

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Unleash the potential of AI to revolutionize how you do business in the hospitality sector with Poly.