AI Meets APIs

Poly is the go-to platform for developer teams looking to simplify their API and Event discovery and consumption.
Experience seamless integration, satisfy your development partners, and unlock the potential of LLM AI Agents—all through the power of Poly.

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What Can Poly Do For You?

Poly streamlines API discovery and consumption, empowering development teams to achieve seamless integration.

Accelerate Development

Discover and use APIs/Events right in your IDE

Enable AI Agents

Revamp your APIs to seamlessly support AI agents at runtime

Increase Security

Optionally centralizes credential storage and domain level error handling

Improve Visibility

Understand how popular APIs and Events are and who uses them

How Poly Works

Poly Learns by Observing

Poly can observe you using the API or Event without invading your privacy and learn from what it sees. Teaching it an API endpoint or event source takes only a few seconds.

Poly Generates Libraries in Your Preferred Language

Poly can generate libraries in your preferred programming language, allowing you to use APIs and events as if they were local functions with Intellisense in your IDE. All the APIs and events you need can be included in a single Poly library, which can be regenerated in a matter of seconds.

Discover APIs and Events Directly in Your IDE

With the power of OpenAI, Poly offers a natural language interface for discovering and learning APIs and events. Simply add our extension to your IDE and you'll be ready to go. Plus, thanks to OpenAI, Poly can understand most human languages.

Create Custom Orchestration Functions

With Poly, you can write your own orchestrations and integrations and deploy them to the Poly Server via our CLI. Once deployed, they can be easily discovered through our AI assistant and accessed via the Poly library alongside APIs and events.

Principles that Drive Our Decisions:

Poly Knows APIs

Poly comes trained on the following APIs so you can start using the platform immediately:

Can’t find your API on the list? No problem! Poly has the ability to learn any public or private API.
Get in touch with us to discover how!

Common Poly Use Cases

What principles are behind this platform?

Our Team

Darko Vukovic

Darko Vukovic

PM Leader with 10 years of API Management and Integration Experience @ MuleSoft, Google Apigee, Oracle API Platform
Vlad Hrusovsky

Vlad Hrusovsky

Backend Typescript engineer with 12 years of experience.

Jake Dreyfuss

Operations Leader with 20 years of experience in enabling customer success and organizational scale in tech and service based companies in the CRM, EMS & payroll @ Salesforce

Federico Marchini

Passionate Cloud Engineer, analytical thinker from Buenos Aires. 10 years of IT experience with strong knowledge of cloud, infrastructure and DevOps practices
Adrian Locurcio

Adrian Locurcio

Full-stack developer from Argentina with 6+ years of experience

Alex Papageorge

PM with 7 years in retail leadership and product team lead @ Whole Foods, Amazon

Dan Fellin

Full-stack engineer with 12+ years experience.

Our Investors

DIG. Ventures

Founded in 2018 by MuleSoft Founder, Ross Mason, shifting from unicorn founder to unicorn investor, and has evolved into one of Europe’s preeminent early stage venture funds

Julien Chaumond

CTO @ Hugging Face

Mahau Ma

Operating Partner @ Sapphire Ventures, MuleSoft veteran, board observer @ Huntress

Tom Okman

Co-founder @ Nord Security, Co-founder @ Tesonet

John Musser

Founder @ ProgrammableWeb (Acquired by MuleSoft), Founder @ API Science, Inc, Director of Engineering @ Ford

Sara Ali

Accomplished corporate development leader with expertise in M&A, VC and international strategy @ Google, Microsoft & Robinhood.

Mirko Novakovic

Partner @ New Forge, Former CEO @ Instana, Former CEO @ codecentric

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