Showcasing how Poly helps with the usage of the PolyAPI platform

At Poly API, our goal is to maximize the potential of #genai capabilities. We’re excited to share a demo that illustrates our unique approach to “documentation.” Our AI assistant not only guides you in utilizing APIs and Events but also aids in understanding and effectively using our platform in any desired human language.

While the feature’s implementation isn’t overly complex, its power is undeniable, particularly due to OpenAI’s recent advancements in the ‘functions’ model enhancement. Additionally, there are key best practices to bear in mind:

  • Crafting documentation for AI, with the AI as the intended audience. This includes specific tips and commands on which aspects to elaborate and when to utilize its base knowledge.
  • Establishing a dedicated model for product usage, leveraging OpenAI’s new routing capabilities to demultiplex requests.
  • Incorporating user context, such as their base instance URL.

This is merely our first iteration, and we anticipate many more insights along the way. Please note that this feature has not yet been rolled out in our Beta instance. Stay tuned for more exciting updates and additional features with our forthcoming Beta2 release, targeted for September!