How Poly enables payments within ChatGPT with Adyen Pay by Link API

At Poly API, we’re excitedly carving out our path in the exhilarating world of AI. We envision AI Agents, such as #chatgpt plugins, becoming key players in the technological sphere, encapsulated in user-friendly apps, powered by backend services for data access and actions.

Our sights are set on the vibrant landscape of public commerce industries. With much of their product and services data being public domain and the incentive to offer consumers unparalleled experiences, these companies are ideally positioned to reap the benefits of AI integration.

In our quest to pioneer the first platform tailored to this scenario, we’ve recognized four significant hurdles to surmount:

  • Facilitating controlled & managed API access for AI.
  • Denormalizing data in a performance-efficient manner .
  • Incorporating seamless payment transactions within the AI Agent experience .
  • Offering just-in-time user login for necessary identity authentication .

The progress we’ve made is noteworthy. We’re transforming our expertise in API management into a real product. For data denormalization, our friends at DataStax, led by Chris Latimer, are brilliantly charting the course.

Today, we’re eager to share our approach towards the third challenge – integrating payments in the AI experience. We’ve created a demo video featuring a hotel booking scenario as an illustration of Adyen‘s Pay-By-Link capabilities embedded within an AI agent experience by Poly API. While we anticipate a ‘ChatGPT Apple Pay’ kind of solution in the future, we trust the importance of direct payment methods will endure.

We’re still navigating the complexities of just-in-time user authentication within ChatGPT, exploring OAuth 2.0 Authorization code flow grant type, and Poly’s Authorization intermediation abilities. We believe we have a solid approach to this problem, but have yet to find the time to prove and showcase it.

These are indeed exciting times at Poly API! We’re not just envisaging the future of AI in commerce; we’re actively shaping it. Looking forward to sharing more updates as we continue our adventure!

In the video below, I build it form the ground up from a developer perspective, feel free to skip to 8:42 to just see the end user experience.