Poly API Extension Now Available on VS Code Marketplace!

We’re excited to announce that the Poly API extension is now available on the VS Code Marketplace! This significant development brings us closer to our goal of providing developers with a seamless and straightforward API integration experience. The easy access to PolyAPI extension on the Marketplace means our Beta users can conveniently install it directly, sparing the extra steps and time spent in the traditional setup.

The Poly AI assistant extension for VS Code aims to streamline your workflow by allowing you to tap into the capabilities of Poly API. This tool is a leap towards efficient programming, enabling users to write less code while achieving more functionality.

Here is the link to PolyAPI on the VS Marketplace.

How to Use the Poly API Extension

Accessing the extension settings is simple. You’ll find these in the settings.json file that you can reach by clicking the gear icon in the lower-left corner of your VS Code window. Here, you can specify the base URL for the Poly API and the API key to use when making requests to the Poly API.

The installation of the Poly API client library is also a breeze. Just run ‘npm install PolyAPI’ in your project directory and set up your Poly connection by running ‘npx poly generate.’ This step is necessary only for the first time you use the extension or whenever you update your Poly functions.

You can start leveraging Poly functions with your Poly client in your code. What’s more, error handling is well-catered for within the API. You can register an error handler for a function path or register an error handler for all functions in context. You also can remove the error handler for a function path at will.

Webhook Handlers at Your Disposal

Poly API also allows you to register handlers for Webhooks like error handlers. This feature enhances the interaction between your application and the API, boosting your programming experience.

Constant Improvements and Enhancements

At Poly API, we understand the dynamic nature of programming and the constant need for enhanced features to keep up with these changes. We’re thrilled to inform you that we have exciting updates in the pipeline as we refine our onboarding process. We’re keen on improving your experience with our product every step of the way.

Are you interested in trying out our Beta version? Do you have any questions about our product? Please, feel free to reach out to us at info@polyapi.io. We’re more than happy to provide you with the necessary assistance.

Stay tuned for more improvements and enhancements as we work to make the Poly API an indispensable tool for all developers. Let’s redefine programming, one line of code at a time!