Introducing Vari, A Powerful Server-Side Variables Feature!

Delighted to unveil Vari, the latest addition to the Poly API family!

At Poly API, our mission is to revolutionize the developer experience when consuming APIs and Events to build applications or integrations. We’ve been at the forefront of creating a new AI powered experience for consuming APIs calls and developing custom functions, but recognized that without addressing configuration variables and secrets, our solution wasn’t complete.

Enter Vari.

Vari empowers you to host server-side variables and secrets in HashiCorp Vault, ready to be used directly in your code via our client library. Vari provides configuration data at your fingertips, discoverable through our AI Assistant and seamlessly integrated into our generated library.

One key advantage of Vari is the ability for security teams to manage secrets while developers can use them hassle-free or configure Poly functions to have them automatically injected. It’s all about bridging the gap between security and development; creating a better developer experience while improving enterprise security.

But that’s not all! Vari also facilitates the defining of variables per environment or shared across environments. As your code journeys from one environment to another, or if the same solution is used in a multi-tenant model, the configurations adapt alongside. Combine this with our Poly functions, and you’ve got a powerful tool aimed at boosting your app and integration development productivity.

We’re excited about the endless possibilities that Vari opens up and we believe it’s set to be a game-changer in the realm of secure and efficient development. Take a look at the attached video for a deeper understanding of how Vari works. Vari will also be available as part of Beta2.