Deep dive on Training Poly Functions using Postman

 just dropped a brand new video where I dive deep into the world of Poly Functions training.

Many assume it involves complex processes like sniffing network traffic, reading source code, or tapping into gateways. This couldn’t be farther from the truth, it’s really simple and flexible! I created this demo to help clear the air.

We developed this capability as an extension of Postman, a tool that enables users to call APIs and supports the declaration of environment variables – a concept that aligns perfectly with the concept of arguments for Poly Functions.

In this comprehensive demo, I cover not just the basics but also the nuances: from training and curating Poly Functions, to retraining and the various strategic design decisions that accompany the training stage. It’s a bit long, but trust me, it’s worth every minute if you like the experience of using Poly but are worried about the amount of work to train it.

Whether you’re new to Poly or existing user, this video is for you!