Effortless API Integration with Darko Vukovic on Innovation Soundbites

APIs have become the backbone of modern software development. However, managing and efficiently leveraging them remains a daunting task for developers. Enter PolyAPI, an advanced platform designed to revolutionize how APIs are discovered and consumed. In a recent interview with Jason Emanis of Growth Advisors International Network (GAIN), PolyAPI’s Founder and CEO, Darko Vukovic, delved into the challenges of modern API consumption and how his platform is set to redefine it.

Making API Consumption Effortless

One of the most significant problems developers encounter is the intricate process of integrating various systems. Hotels, for example, often need help with integrating different systems like property management, housekeeping, and central reservation. Emanis rightly pointed out that “it’s a real nightmare for hotels and all these disparate systems.

Innovation Soundbites: The Future of API Integration is Here – GAIN, Growth Advisors International Network

Vukovic responded, “Our mission is to make API consumption… easier… making internal development teams as efficient as possible.” He further explained that there’s a “steep curve for somebody who’s not a domain expert.” And this is where PolyAPI shines. It endeavors to simplify API consumption, enabling developers to integrate and use APIs without necessarily being domain experts.

A New Approach to API Learning and Consumption

One of the most exciting aspects of PolyAPI is its training method. Rather than relying on developers to instruct the machine on how an API works, PolyAPI employs AI to observe and learn. As Vukovic mentioned, PolyAPI “learns from observation.” It can potentially transform complex APIs into more manageable functions, democratizing access for a broader range of developers.

Vukovic further illustrated how PolyAPI assists developers in “creating new applications, new experiences, new integrations” by pre-integrating with Oracle’s OHIP and other hospitality systems.

The potential use cases of PolyAPI are intriguing. AI-powered guest journeys, analytical tools, and the platform can create bespoke interfaces. As Vukovic predicts, soon, we might witness user interfaces that adapt based on user data and AI predictions.

A Tool Built for Developers

Vukovic emphasizes that PolyAPI is not a “low code or no code application.” It’s a tool designed for developers to enhance their productivity and efficiency.

Addressing the concerns Emanis shared about the genuine openness of APIs, especially in the hotel industry, Vukovic acknowledges that although APIs are more open today, where things that were not possible a decade ago now are, there remains a steep system and domain learning curve. He believes PolyAPI can help bridge this gap by transforming API integration from an intricate task to a simplified function, resembling the “chapter four level of complexity” in programming.

Impressive Early Feedback

Although PolyAPI is still in beta, the feedback has been promising. Vukovic shared, “I’ve heard things like you’ve shown me in a matter of days through this POC, more than we’ve accomplished in the last six months building internally.

What’s Next?

PolyAPI seems set to alter the API management landscape profoundly. By converting sophisticated processes into user-friendly functions and harnessing the power of AI, it promises to make developers’ lives significantly easier. As Emanis put it, such solutions could be immensely beneficial for tech giants like Oracle and any industry with complex integrations.

Indeed, the future of API development looks bright and efficient with platforms like PolyAPI. Learn more about Poly.