The PolyAPI Beta 2 Release is now Live

Exciting news! The PolyAPI Beta 2 release is now live. I cannot believe it has been five weeks since we released Beta 1. 

Three game-changing trends fuel our development:

  1. Accelerating AI adoption in enterprises to power productivity boosts for employees and customers.
  2. Enhancing developer productivity when building applications and integrations.
  3. Spearheading significant cost reductions in APIM and IPaaS.

These pillars have allowed us to continue advancing from our Beta 1 to Beta 2 release. With feedback from our early testers, we have continued to dial our vision with new major enterprise features.

Our Beta 2 expands upon Beta 1 with the following:

  • Server-side variable management with Hashicorp Vault, AI assistant-based discovery, dynamic linking to Function Arguments, and real-time consumption with the Poly client library.
  • Plugin generation now includes API level access to ChatGPT Plugins so that customers can embed the full openAI plugins model within their own UIs, backed by their APIs.  
  • Enabling access to an AI assistant on function response types to help users with mapping & faster access to desired data
  • We’ve upgraded our AI Assistant to GPT4, enabled the preservation of conversation history for natural dialogues, and introduced AI-generated descriptions for function arguments and custom functions, enhancing discovery and assisting developers in VS code.
  • Modeling interfaces and return types for custom functions so our AI assistant can better assist with custom functions.
  • Built support for just-in-time user login within a ChatGPT conversation using any arbitrary OAuth2 server registered with Poly.
  • Event-driven custom function invocations so that end-to-end integrations can now reside on the poly server.
  • We’ve improved multi-environment operations by supporting cross-environment function sharing within a tenant, allowing us to tune the AI assistant per environment or tenant.
  • We’ve ramped up user support by enabling real-time Poly documentation via our AI Assistant, enhancing our error handler for more contextual errors, and simplifying onboarding with a fast 1-click installation for our client and library for new projects.
  • Along with support for training GraphQL APIs to Poly, we have also introduced many minor improvements, optimizations, and tweaks across our system.

As we approach Limited GA, stay tuned for the following:

  • A free-to-use General Availability (GA) tier designed for production use, paving the way for future paid tiers.
  • A quick and easy self-service signup experience for accessing our product in minutes.
  • Deployment of AI Agents through API, allowing ChatGPT Plugins to be integrated within your sites and products.
  • Cross-tenant function sharing.
  • Ready-to-use integrations: first 50 out-of-box functions across popular products like Shopify, Stripe, Hubspot, Twilio, and Asana.

Enterprises in search of a cost-effective, innovative platform for creating API-driven integrations and applications, we welcome you. Join the PolyAPI revolution today!