Announcing the General Availability of Poly API

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Today marks an exciting milestone as we announce that Poly API is officially out of beta and ready for prime time! After rigorous testing, feature enhancements, and valuable community feedback, we’re delighted to bring you a robust, secure, and incredibly versatile platform.

Poly is GA and Ready for Prime Time

This is not just another Developer Tool. This is Poly API, built for enterprise-scale requirements yet accessible to individual developers. It’s now GA, thoroughly tested, and primed to solve your toughest integration challenges.

Self-Service Sign-Up and Free Tier

Getting started with Poly API with our self-service sign up via our website or Command Line Interface (CLI). Upon signing up, you will be added to a limited but capable tier that allows you to build several integrations, apps, or AI agents. Best of all, this tier is free and has no time limit, giving you the freedom to explore and innovate in your organization’s space.

Why Poly API? Here’s What It Can Do For You:

  • Accelerate Development: Your internal developers and development partners can discover and utilize APIs and Events directly within their IDE to speed up your development process.
  • Enable AI Agents: Easily adjust your existing APIs to support AI agents at runtime, unleashing new capabilities and automation.
  • Increase Security: Centralize API credential management and implement domain-level error handling, adding an extra layer of security to your projects.
  • Broad Functionality Coverage: Poly comes equipped with 150 pre-trained out-of-the-box functions that integrate seamlessly with tools listed on our website as well as Oracle Hospitality. We plan to aggressively expand this suite by collaborating with industry vendors and community experts.

Upcoming Video Showcases

We’ve introduced some fantastic capabilities in this release. Keep an eye out for separate videos where we’ll be showcasing these features in-depth.

You’re Invited to Pilot Poly API

We encourage everyone—developers, enterprises, and hobbyists alike—to sign up and experience the power of Poly API.

What’s Next?

Our journey doesn’t end here. We continue working closely with our Pilot customers to evolve Poly API into an even more powerful tool. Expect enhancements focused on API consumption, integration, and AI use cases, which will soon become success stories we can all learn from.

Additional Resources

We want to give a massive shout-out to our community for your support and feedback. You’ve helped shape Poly API into what it is today; we’re forever grateful for that.

Let’s build the future together!