Welcome to the “Proof of Value” tier at Poly! This tier offers a comprehensive experience for testing and building your Proof of Concept (POC). It provides robust features, allowing you to explore our service without any financial commitment.

Here’s what’s included:


  • 20 Functions per Tenant: Create up to 20 custom functions, API functions, and webhook handler functions combined. This limit is applicable across all environments within your tenant.

Rate Limits:

  • 1,000 Function Calls per Day: You can execute up to 1,000 custom function, API function, and webhook event calls within a rolling 24-hour window. This limit is shared across all environments within your tenant.
  • 100 Variable Events per Day: You’re allowed up to 100 variable .get(), .update(), and .onUpdate() events within a rolling 24-hour window, also across all environments within your tenant.

AI Queries:

  • 100 AI Queries per Day: Engage in up to 100 AI prompts, whether within integrated development environments (IDEs) or via the AI Assistant API, all within a 24-hour.

This tier is perfect for you if you’re looking to conduct an end-to-end POC. It offers a generous scope for you to validate the utility of our service before considering an upgrade to a paid tier.

If you have questions, or need additional information, connect with us at support@polyapi.io.