Training Poly on GQL APIs to make them super easy to use

At Poly API, we’re thrilled to announce that we have expanded our support to include GraphQL (GQL) APIs. Now, you can train Poly to understand and use GQL APIs, and in response, Poly will automatically generate functions to simplify their use.

GQL significantly enhances the versatility of APIs, allowing the API to adapt more flexibly to the needs of the consumer. While the learning curve for GQL can be steep, and its approach to documentation might be more complex than that of REST APIs, we’ve taken steps to make it easier to adopt and use.

We’ve incorporated support for creating multiple functions backed by the same GQL queries or mutations, offering atomic usages of the GQL API designed to bridge the learning gap.

Looking ahead, we plan to support even more versatile functions, where consumers can pass in their custom queries or mutations. But for now, our primary goal is to make the user experience as seamless and consistent as possible.

To help you better understand and leverage these exciting new features, check out this demo video which will guide you through the process of training GQL APIs with Poly, discovering the APIs, and using them with ease.

As always, we’re committed to continuous innovation, and we’re excited to see how our users will harness the power of GQL APIs. Let us know if you want to give Poly a try! Stay tuned for more updates!