Redefining Hospitality, Streamlining APIs for Innovative & Efficient Hotels

Poly API delighted to announce that Poly API is now a proud member of the Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN)! This partnership is set to redefine the API Consumption experience for Oracle’s Hospitality Integration Platform (OHIP).

For those who are new to Poly, it’s a transformative platform that revolutionizes the way development teams discover and consume APIs. It enables developers to swiftly discover company-wide APIs right within their IDEs and consume them as local functions via a dynamic cross-API client library. Poly goes beyond by abstracting integration logic into a Lambda-like service, significantly simplifying the development process. Most importantly, Poly helps enterprises connect AI agents with their APIs in a controlled and efficient way.

Our focus is on helping hotels and other enterprises innovate rapidly by enabling AI to leverage their systems in addition to Oracle. With this partnership, we are set to create the world’s best experience for consuming Oracle Hospitality APIs.
We are excited about the possibilities this partnership with Oracle brings and look forward to creating the next generation API Consumption experience for OHIP.

For more details, please visit our partner page: