Real life ChatGPT questions for the enterprise

Today I am thinking about the following question? How will #chatgpt (and other AI systems to come) plugins work in an enterprise environment? Say we use 15 tools/apps etc… Will they all have their own plugins? Will IT/Security need to review each of them? Will it be up to the vendors to provide options on how much access is given to a given ChatGPT plugin? Or would enterprises rather have a way to generate their own plugin, where they control it’s access rights, and have that plugin be able to work against it’s systems (internally developed or off the shelf services). I think the answer is nobody really knows yet, but I’m strongly leaning to the latter.

We are just scratching the surface of this bleeding edge technology but it’s already apparent that ChatGPT will be a business channel for businesses soon enough. While everyone is busy building plugins (rightfully so) we are building the platform by which an enterprise will self service generate their own ChatGPT plugins. The APIs by definition need to be restricted, secured but also AI friendly. Potentially we are going to see a new field emerge of “AI Optimization” a la SEO.

This is just the first demo of many to come, the next one will show the auto generation process for creating your own plugin from Poly Functions. Enjoy and let me know what you think?