Poly API Beta release is now live.

Our development is fueled by three game-changing trends:

  1. Accelerating AI adoption in enterprises to power productivity boosts for employees and customers.
  2. Enhancing developer productivity when building applications and integrations.
  3. Spearheading significant cost reductions in APIM and IPaaS.

These pillars have allowed us to advance our Alpha version to deliver the Beta release. We’re thrilled to have 3 pioneering, household name, enterprise customers onboarded already, with dozens more intrigued in joining the beta.

Our Beta expands upon the Alpha with:

  • Custom function hosting
  • OAuth 2.0 authorization code flow grant support
  • Multi-tenancy
  • Kubernetes-based hosting
  • AI Plugin Generation
  • Drastic reduction in ChatGPT hallucinations
  • Polymorphic training
  • Object support as function arguments
  • Local library function explorer view
  • Discovery support for ‘infinitely’ larger catalogs

As we approach GA, stay tuned for:

  • Server-side credential management with HashiCorp Vault
  • AI assistant support with payload level questions
  • Optimizations to the UX, runtime performance, and signup experience

Take a comprehensive look at our platform’s capabilities in this overview video:

Enterprises in search of a cost-effective, innovative platform for creating API-driven integrations and applications, we welcome you. Join the Poly API revolution today!