Poly Partners with Aquiva Labs

PolyAPI has announced a partnership with Aquiva Labs, aiming to simplify API integration via Salesforce, the leading CRM platform. This collaboration enables developers to have Salesforce API calls operational quickly, thereby increasing efficiency. As a result, the partnership transforms API integration, empowering developers with enhanced tools and capabilities.

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Poly API Beta 2: New Features and Capabilities

The recent Beta 2 release of Poly API has ushered in an era of innovative features that promise to reshape how businesses integrate AI models into their systems. Today, we dive deep into these new capabilities and the endless possibilities they bring with them. https://www.loom.com/share/b46a26d7efc6472cba8596d456af0b38 Embed AI models via Poly…

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Development Efficiency with PolyAPI’s AI

The pace at which technology advances has necessitated businesses to be agile, adaptive, and quick in their development processes. An integral part of this development efficiency revolves around APIs - tools that allow different software applications to communicate and work in tandem. In this world of rapid transformation, the duration…

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The PolyAPI Beta 2 Release is now Live

Exciting news! The PolyAPI Beta 2 release is now live. I cannot believe it has been five weeks since we released Beta 1.  Three game-changing trends fuel our development: Accelerating AI adoption in enterprises to power productivity boosts for employees and customers. Enhancing developer productivity when building applications and integrations. Spearheading significant cost reductions in APIM and IPaaS. These…

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Training Poly on GQL APIs to make them super easy to use

At Poly API, we're thrilled to announce that we have expanded our support to include GraphQL (GQL) APIs. Now, you can train Poly to understand and use GQL APIs, and in response, Poly will automatically generate functions to simplify their use. GQL significantly enhances the versatility of APIs, allowing the…

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Automating Operations using Poly Event Handlers

Greetings, Poly API Community! I'm excited to share a sneak peek of a demo that really underlines the strength and flexibility of our platform from an operational perspective. The focus here is on our native out-of-the box event handler functions, which empowers you to react to changes in variables and handle errors…

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PolyAPI Secures Pre-Seed Funding with Dig Ventures

We're thrilled to share that Poly API has successfully secured a pre-seed funding round, providing us with the financial support to meticulously advance our mission: To drive the future of application development and AI integration by providing developers with an intuitive, cost-effective platform for harnessing the power of various APIs and event…

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